Great historical fiction

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Having read most of the ration book series and enjoying them, I couldn't wait to read this and it did not disappoint. It is set in the final days of World War 2. Father Patrick Mahone collapses and is taken into hospital and Queenie Brogan discovers he is dying. Queenie knew Patrick years before she married Fergus as they were childhood sweethearts until Nora, his sister came between them. She has always loved him and has kept a secret for fifty years. This book tells the story of what happened in 1880 as well as what is happening as the Brogan family prepare for the end of the war and husbands returning. Queenie is trying to decide if and when to tell Patrick especially with Nora back who is trying her hardest to keep them apart and what her family may think. It is an emotional, funny and gripping with loveable characters. The author is great at capturing emotions and difficulties of the characters lives in war time.