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I love historical fiction particularly set in London during WWII and dived into this one and quickly lost myself into the comings and goings of the Brogan family.
This is a series that really brings to life the commaraderie of how friends and families pulled together during the war and how they managed to create so much when not a lot was available to them. I love the snippets sprinkled throughout that help reinforce what life was really like living in London during this time.
I have loved this series so far and am really excited to have been able to read this latest visit to the Brogan family. I love spending time with them and in this visit got to know Francesca who they all have a close bond with. I think reading this recently added to the impact the commaraderie had on me as I could feel the importance of the relationships with loved ones and how the impact of pulling together made them stronger.
A superb book from cover to cover, as I read I could feel their happiness and sadness ebbing off the pages. I really hope there is more to come from this family.