So excited to read this!

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I am so excited to devour this story! After reading the author's previous book in a day and immensely loving it, I am thrilled to have discovered this book! The beginning immediately lured me into the story, absolutely captivating me. Esther seems like a quirky, lovable character of whom I can relate to on a grand scale. Her phobias and peculiarities are such interesting character traits and i am already mesmerised by her. The writing style is fast paced, easy to read and brimming with information. Though the text is simple, it thoroughly intrigued me and made me think an awful lot. In particular, i liked the lists as they always make stories so much more relatable. On an additional note, the cover is brilliant! The hot pink lobster contrast with the plain white background and is great! I've heard so many great things about this book and am elated to read it soon! It definitely has so much potential.