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A Snowflakes Guide to Christmas is a great pick me up with everything going on at the moment. The cheery nature of the book makes you get excited for Christmas and reminds you how soon it is. I first thought this would be a silly little stocking filler book but was soon proved wrong.
This book really gets the Christmas countdown going. For those who are into the festive period and those who aren't, this is a great book for all to enjoy. From the anecdotal stories to the quizzes and tasks to do this makes for a great read.
From first seeing the cover of the book I was enthralled and knew I needed to read it, the cover is amazing and draws you in. This is the first of this type of book I have read and I think this could be the first of many.
Dave Skinner is an amazing writer and I can't wait to read more of his books. A brilliant book about a merry time of the year!