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This book was such a delight to read! I received this book from a close friend of mine as a secret santa present (she is quite a scrooge so there is no wonder why she gifted me this!) but I could not get over how funny this book is, it had me in stitches constantly! It covers topics such as how to splash the cash on Black Friday while still maintaining the mantra of “let’s eat the rich” and it also helps navigate the oh so awkward family small talk that undoubtedly arises at a Christmas dinner table. There are so many cute and quirky anecdotes throughout the book that kept me so entertained and would warm the heart of even the biggest grinch! I gave this book to my father who hates Christmas and even he found it a hugely entertaining read. This book is definitely an amazing book to give as a gift for Christmas and beyond and it is amazing for all of the family!