Royal Murder

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I loved this book! I read The Windsor Knot last year and enjoyed the tweeness of it but I didn’t enjoy the story as much. This time round we know the characters better and the plot line was much easier to follow.

What I love the most is the name dropping of the royals, I loved the reference to Harry and his new girlfriend and princesses Eugenie and Beatrice getting blamed for partying in Buckingham palace, this is such a fun read.
I also enjoy reading about Prince Phillip and the queens relationship, this is how I imagine them to have been which almost makes it a little sad knowing that he’s now passed away! Although this is all fiction it can feel real at times, the author has done an amazing job with making us believe this is how they really act.

Rozie as a secondary protagonist is a great character, I love that the two main characters are strong females. I also liked that Sir Simon had a bigger role in this book.