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This book was slightly odd. I generally enjoyed it, but there were parts which I just found a bit odd... particularly when fact and fiction seemed to blur.
I'd like to say thank you to Reader's First for sending me a free advance copy to read and review.
The premise behind this book..or series of books as this is number two...is that Her Majesty the Queen secretly investigates crime. In this book, two murders of members of her staff at Buckingham palace, helped by her assistant Rozie.
Set in 2016, the book blurs reality and fiction, which is where I found it slightly uncomfortable reading...the parts where it claimed to be thinking as the Queen thought just didn't quite work for me.
Otherwise, it was enjoyable enough. The story moved along at a good pace, and Rozie was a likeable character...I'd enjoy reading more about her in any future books in this series.