A wonderfully dark and enchanting story

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I loved it so much and it’s definitely flown right over on to my reread pile. The map and family tree at the start of the book had me giddy – I cannot resist a good bookish map – and I fell in love with the protagonist Aderyn almost immediately. Aderyn is determined, brave and we see her grown so much over the course of the book. We follow her on a journey as her innocence and recklessness are slowly chipped away during her time at the Silver Citadel.

The authors raise some interesting points around class, the structure of society, questioning the status quo and ableism. The flightless are the downtrodden working class with little say in, well anything at all, they obey the nobles who can transform into various birds and fly. On a side note, I would to read more about the War of the Raptors which is discussed several times during the book (we definitely need a prequel set during that time!)

I really loved the cast of characters, and I think the dynamics of the relationships between the flighted and the flightless were particularly telling. I am hoping that we get to explore more of this in the second part of the duology. I found Lucien to be an interesting character – I also love that he can transform into a raven – they are my favourite bird. Aderyns cousins, Prince Aron and Princess Odette have a really wonderful dynamic and I love the fact that we get to watch them grow as their relationship with Aderyn develops.

There is a real richness not only to the descriptions but to the world as a whole. When I picked up A Throne of Swans and started reading, I was there, at the Silver Citadel with Aderyn as she made her awful choices, as she blundered into the middle of a conspiracy and as she learned and grew. I cannot wait to see where the story goes in the next book A Crown of Talons which is due for publication in 2021. I don’t want to say too much about the plot, as I really wouldn’t want to spoil things but the pace was spot on and I really really didn’t want to put the book down.

A Throne of Swans is a dark and twisty fairytale, and I would definitely recommend to all fans of fantasy, YA fiction and fairytale retellings and re- imaginings.