amazing and spellbinding

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i have always love retellings of fairy tales and i have always loved swan lake so when i found this book one day i instantly fell in love. i have bought this book multiple times as various presents for people or recommended to just about everyone i know. from the first sentence of "it is nearly midnight, and my father is dying" your attention is hooked and you need to read on. i feel now specifically people can relate to this story more then ever with our own sickness causing quarantine and panic raging around the globe. i feel this is a great book to curl up with when you feel like you need to escape reality pronto. i feel like the writing style is really clear and immediately transports you to their world. it seems to give a really clear image of grief and how it feels to loose someone you look up to and love while at the same time trying to carry on way out of your depth. would absolutely reccomend