Noble and magically etiquette

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Aderyn, becomes protector of the dominion of Atratys and sole mistress of Merl castle when the sickness takes her father. Her father, upon his death bed, begs her to remain at the castle in a bid to keep her safe from the schemes of his brother, who presently sits upon the throne. Aderyn evades verbalising the promise and her father mercifully does not notice her omission.

Her fathers funeral introduces the reader to the magical shape shifting abilities of the people, who all turn into various birds and take flight in tribute to his reign. Aderyn, though is a swan, the only swan, but she is flightless and this in itself is a deception she must hide as it is against the law for her to be a protector if she is unable to fly. If her uncle found out, he would be able to strip her of authority and banish her, leaving her people susceptible to his oppression and potential poverty. This shows her amazing strength of character And then the reason behind her flightlessness is revealed to be connected to grief and the trauma of seeing her mother murdered in flight form.

As aderyn makes her way through the political treaties, land disputes and burdens of immigration issues, she decides she needs to attend the citadel to try and find peace within her, by finding out more on her mother’s assassination.

This is when I live interest appears, a mysterious raven that rescues her from a dragon attack on the beach, will become her companion on her adventure to maintain her position and protect her people

Overall, this is well written, full of content to keep the reader fascinated and thoroughly enjoyable