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A Woman Made of Snow by Elisabeth Gifford is an enjoyable read. It has 2 interlinking stories set in 2 different times.
Caro Gillan, her husband and new baby in 1949 have moved from London to Scotland. They live in a cottage on his family estate, Kelly Castle.
Caro find her mother in law hard to get along with and is dismayed when a flood means they have to move to the castle. The same flood also uncovers a body buried on the grounds that no-one knew about.
Caro sets out to find out if the body could be of the mysterious missing wife of her husband great grandmother.
The other story is set in the late 1800's, Oliver, Caro's husbands great grandfather is on a whaling trip to the artic as the ship's doctor. There he falls in love with an Inuit women and brings her home to Scotland.
I really enjoyed reading about the two women and also about thr family dynamics at both times. The mystery unravels slowly and kept me reading to find out more.
I would recommend this book.