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From the author of Lost lights of St. Kilda comes this historical fiction. It is set in different timelines, flashbacks of 1874 and 1944, and present of 1949.

In 1949, Caroline Gillan, her husband Alasdair and their newborn Felicity move into Kelly Castle in Scotland with her mother in law.

Flashbacks from 1874, Charlotte recalls her past in Kelly Castle with her siblings, Mary, Oliver and Louisa.

Flashbacks of 1944 set in Northampton before Felicity was born and post World War 2.

I liked how the author had several narratives because it gives you a greater insight of all the characters. I liked the fact the central characters are female and their viewpoints are written. It makes you understand the characters better and their challenges they face.

I also liked the synopsis and front cover because I thought it be only a historical fiction. However, this has the added element of mystery or drama.