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What a dark and clever story!

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I just finished Anything for Her by GJ Minett and I have to say I will read more of this author!
The story is about Billy, a guy who happens to bump into his ex-girlfriend from his teenage years, Aimi, while he's visiting town to take care of his dying sister. But the chance meeting turns into a plead for help on Aimi's part, to escape from her abusive husband. Would you do anything for the girl you once loved with all your heart? And maybe still do?
Spoilers ahead.
The thing is, this book is not about whether you would help someone close to you in need, but unfolds into a story of deception and intrigue. Who is lying and who knows the truth? Did Aimi really stage her death or did something go very wrong with her plan? It will keep you guessing until the end. Because I've read a lot of mystery novels, I guessed some things before they were revealed in the story but what made up for this were the dark twists that the story took a turn into. The ending was spectacular. Also, what happened to Billy's parents gaveme the creeps!
5/5 stars! Very enjoyable read.