A great premise

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I read this book quite a while ago and unfortunately it wasn't at a time when I was writing reviews so my memory of it is slightly vague. Also with the recent craze around Behind Her Eyes, I have been getting a bit confused between the two books!

But going back through my Goodreads, I can see that I rated this five stars at the time and I'm fairly certain it was because this was such a unique premise, kept me on the edge of my seat and was just an all round great thriller.

I can remember the telling of the murder occurring and thinking how terrified I would be if I was in the main protagonist's position.

This was my first Jack Jordan book but I own a couple of others so maybe I'll re-read this and eventually get round to reading the other two! My memory of books has greatly improved since writing reviews.

I also really like the cover of this; it's very attention grabbing and I know that's what first drew me to it.