A wonderful web of intrigue and mystery

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The dramatic cover is very strong, full of menace and letting you know what to expect from this cleverly crafted and well written tale. In a suburban "normal" house lives a young widowed father and his young twin daughters. Their Mum died just 9 months ago, so it is still raw and disturbing, so when the twins say they saw a man in their room in the middle of the night called "Black Mamba" - a deadly snake - Dad naturally thinks it is bad dreams, reaction to their loss. However, the twin sister of his late wife (more twins with their innate inner connections that can communicate simply with a glance) knows something different. The powerful, subtle and gentle wrap-around imagery moves this story along at a pace that is easy to read, clear characters, and feelings that anyone can relate to, all make this a success of a first novel. I look forward to more of them.