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this book is like nothing i had ever seen before, the plot is about bruce fogle, a canadian arriving in london in the year 1970.
the main character assumed that because he knew the language, he would understand the English. As a graduate of the world’s best veterinary school, he also thought his profession would come naturally to him. He quickly learned not to make assumptions… he goes through some adventured in the 70s and learns not to trust and also learns to love and fight.

Bruce began his career at the prestigious Woodrow & Singleton surgery in the heart of the Knightsbridge. Frequented by Britain’s most distinguished pet owners, from Duchesses and Sultans to Paul McCartney and Elizabeth Taylor, it also cared for the exotic inhabitants of the Harrods’ ‘Zoo Department.’
i recommend this book to people that love a wholesome story, and want to travel to new adventures with the main character!