wow. just wow.

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i had heard so many amazing things about this book from various friends and, of course, booktok. my expectations were easily exceeded within sentences!! its the kind of book that sucks you in and away with a few words. it easily shows how family isnt perfect but is worth it. i love how its almost laid out like a poem while still being easy to understand and clear. it tells this amazing story about two girls from vastly different lives and a huge cultural divide. i mean just the whole concept is incredible. two sisters, one from new york, one from the Dominican republic, found out when their father dies about the other one? what more could you want?? i found that it had just enough drama and angst to really be able to sink your teeth into it while still feeling light and not the kind of story where you have to take breaks because it affects you too deeply. i read this when i was struggling quite badly with my mental health and it was an amazing break from everything happening in the physical world.