Fast paced.. loved it

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I bought this book in Canada as the title and cover seemed intriguing and I haven’t read a book by this author before but i am certainly looking for her others.

Selena Murphy seems to have a perfect marriage & life, until she see something on a home camera then it’s starts to change. After chatting to a woman on a train over the next few days, her nanny disappears, her husband changes and there are these text messages from Martha, life as she knew it is different and starts to spiral out of control.

The book is written from several different angles and people which did confuse me to start with but the chapters flowed well.

It felt slow initially but then I swiftly began to fly through the pages and not want to put it down. The characters were certainly captivating and a number of surprises and twists along the way but also some pages where you knew what would happen.
Either way I found the book very entertaining and surprisingly intriguing.