Another Great Book By Karin Slaughter

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*Received and reviewed by my mother.

Karin Slaughter is one of my absolute favourite authors, I love her books and this was no exception. False Witness was shocking, exciting and gripping all at the same time. Slaughter writes characters really well, they have so much depth to them and feel like real people in the real world. I always enjoy the twists and turns that Slaughter sends you on, I usually try my best to guess "whodunnit" from the very beginning and with Karin Slaughter's books it's very rare that my guesses are correct, as she does such a good job at throwing you off the scent and making you believe it could be someone else, without making up ridiculous completely unbelievable theories like a lot of authors do. I really liked how this book branched out into the legal thriller genre, I think it added another layer of depth to the book.