Another winner for Karin Slaughter....

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I can’t remember a story written by the world popular author Karin Slaughter, that I have not enjoyed - she was one of the first authors that got me addicted to reading and I’m so pleased I’m still enjoying her fabulous books. “False Witness” is a standalone thriller that is so up to date with modern life, blending the pandemic and its restrictions into the story seamlessly. Frighteningly, the story read completely normal and Karin managed to incorporate not just the regulations enforced on people but their own personal thoughts on the everyday restricted interactions with others. Keeping a delicate balance between a riveting crime thriller and unbiased up to date social issues, are a prominent feature of Karin’s recent writing and incorporating the pandemic into the storyline but not making it totally about it, ensured that this book became realistic and very relatable.
The story contains a lot of very hard hitting themes, drug dependency, the opioid crisis, child abuse, murder and rape with a lot of often graphic descriptions. Anyone who has ever read Karin’s books before will know this is her typical writing style but if you are new to her work, take heed, she pulls no punches in her descriptions in order to hit home the distressing enormity of the topics covered.
It’s difficult to discuss the main theme of “False Witness” without giving too much away but the crux of the story evolves around a brutal act of violence that happened twenty years ago that Leigh, a respected defence attorney, has been trying to run from. Rearing its very ugly head, time is running out for Leigh to save both herself and her younger, estranged sister but she will do anything to stop the truth from being exposed, while at the same time, railroaded into defending a serial rapist she knows is guilty.
If a story that mentions Covid doesn’t have any triggers for you and hard hitting themes and graphic descriptions don’t offend, ‘False Witness’ is undoubtedly a riveting read and I look forward to continuing my love for Karin’s books in the future.

5 stars