Fast paced

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The plot in this thriller raced along, twisting and turning at a speed that left me barely able to breathe with the adrenalin at times. The story is grim and very violent, but my interest in the characters and need to know what happened to them kept me reading on. It really isn't for the faint hearted though!
The sisters, Leigh and Callie, are intriguing and we learn about their traumatic history, leaving each of them with scars that profoundly affect their lives. Overall the plot is so extreme, it is preposterous at times, but so exciting that I read on compulsively. It isn't subtle, but the storytelling completely drew me in.
The book is set during the covid 19 pandemic, with frequent reference to wearing face masks throughout. It was the first book I've read with that backdrop. It felt a bit odd at first as there was no direct link to the plot, it was just context, but sets the story firmly in 2020.