The most thrilling book 2021

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A joy to see another Karin Slaughter book released and aswell as the usual edge-of-your-seat thriller, this one is set right in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Callie and Leigh are close sisters, bound by a rocky childhood marked by a traumatic incident where they committed a crime and covered it up.

Twenty years on Callie shows a sweet nature, but events of the past haunt her and her choices have left her an addict, her body wretched and practically homeless.

Leigh has worked hard to get through Law school and works as a successful lawyer in a big firm, married with a child her life seems stable.

Until she is given a case to defend- a violent criminal who was going to be hard to get off , but this is someone she knows with a strong link to her past and could blow everything up in her perfect life.

This is a must read for thriller and crime fans. Brutal descriptions as ever but a really good read.