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Topical Thriller

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Thank you to Readers' First for my copy of this book.

A body of a man is found in a park covered in strange pustules. The day before a group of demonstrators held a protest in the area. Are the two events connected? Detectives Riley and Harris are called in to investigate and the man is quickly identified as a civil servant with strong connections to the government.

After the recent events in Salisbury, this kind of poisoning seems all too possible and the story quickly drew me in. I enjoyed the gradual unfolding of the plot which was a very interesting premise.

The two main characters did have an awful lot of back story, which I'm not sure was wholly necessary - the plot itself was enough to carry the book forward. The re-telling of the same story from different perspectives was also a little irritating.

All in all though I enjoyed this book and would look out for further work from this author.