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What an amazing book! It is so motivational. I have really enjoyed reading it. I got all excited when I first received this special book. It has such a beautiful cover. It is well written and Dr Richard gives us a very honest opinion on so many issues, including some he uses on his private life as well. You immediately feel that you can relate to the book and make the most of his smart advices.

My favourite place to read it was whilst I was using my exercise bike. It seemed so appropriate to get out of the comfortable sofa and read the book. Therefore, I was getting a double benefit reading this superb book.

The suggestions for a healthy lifestyle is very simple and attainable. I also enjoyed how much you use your mind to actually get to where you want to be, what you want to achieve. It is a very inspirational and motivational book. For sure, this is one that it will never just be put in a bookshelf. Dr Richard's practical advices are very helpful and current.