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This was one of the first nonfiction books I have read in a while and did not know what to expect exactly, however, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised!

The way it was written made it very easy to read and had so much advice crammed into it. I'm sure people of all ages would enjoy this book.

The book covered a range of different topics, so would be appropriate to a wide audience. The small changes it suggested are easily implemented in every day life, and therefore, it is great if you do not know where to start, but know you want to change your lifestyle.

For all of you out there who are contemplating buying this book, I would say just go for it! It will give you the confidence to go out and make a change in your life!

Not only this, but it is the perfect book to read in 2021 as we ease out of lockdown restrictions. We have all been stuck in our houses a lot lately due to COVID, and I think ensuring we have healthy lifestyles and good mental health is more important now than ever before.