Angel's in the Home

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A cosy warm tale of friendship , family it draw me in straight aways wanting to read on and find out what was happening next .

I like that the style was calm welcoming to read that it gave lovely descriptions of the family in the house who was who . Going into details but not too much that it went on too long .

It seems that there are going to be very different characters in this family some that you warm too straight away and trust and other maybe not so much . Are we going to learn more about the theirs pasts and secrets they hold . Interesting to see the history of the house what treasures it holds.
Why this creature has decided to visit , what relationship is it going to have within the family . Has it been draw to the family for a reason , sent from someone or somewhere to save the little girl .
I really enjoyed the style of writing and it is a book I will add to my wishlist to read soon.