Atmospheric and gripping

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I really enjoyed this atmospheric and fantastical middle grade story and was drawn in from the opening pages.

Fledgling tells the story of young Cassie, daughter of an opera singer and a taxidermist, who one night discovers a cherub in her bedroom following a storm. The arrival of the cherub sparks a chain of events involving birds of prey, magical powers and an underlying threat to Cassie's safety as well as her friend Raphael.

I loved the dark atmosphere depicted in this book where everything in Cassie's world feels a bit off and oppressive, from the stuffed animals kept in the house to the strange behaviour of people around Cassie who are hiding secrets. This was a book I couldn't help but race through and would be a gripping and tense story for young readers too.

Personally, I wasn't a huge fan of the twist at the end of the story and how that was handled but, as I am not the target audience for this book, it is very possible young readers would love it so that is only a minor issue.

Overall this was a brilliant read and one that is perfect for a cold and dark winter night.

Thank you to Readers First for the copy of this book.