I like it a lot

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I haven’t read anything like this before and love it’s unique story. There are suspicious characters, an old wives tale that turns out to be truth and owls who predict change.

The evil in this story is strong. Cassie and her best friend, Raphael, must discover how to stop it before it destroys everything they are trying to protect. In the process, they discover their true potential and must learn to accept the reality of who they are. Acceptance, honesty and love run through the threads of this intriguing story.

Not all is as it seems, both in plot and character…this is one that has elements of myth blended with scientific and technological advances. The characters have depth and though the cast is small, each plays a massive role in the entire tale.

When I reached the end of Fledgling, I wanted more. There is so much potential for this to grow into an epic series that explores the meaning of the unusual creatures and what impact they have on the human world.