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To say I had no idea what I was getting into or what this book was going to be like would be a complete understatement. I must admit this was such a pleasant surprise and I have never read anything in any way similar to this story before.

A very original story and has quite an eerie feeling to it straight from the start.

A cherub is blown into Cassie Engel’s bedroom during a thunderstorm, triggering a series of terrifying events. Cassie must discover if its arrival was an accident or part of something more sinister. With a self-obsessed opera singer for a mother, a strange taxidermist father, and a best friend who isn’t quite what he seems, Cassie is forced to unearth the secrets of her family’s past. As the dark forces gather around them, can Cassie protect all that she holds dear?

I was so sure that I knew where this story was going and that I had figured it all out but the ending gave me quite a surprise and the book has stayed with me for days after finishing. Highly addictive and a must read!