Loved it.

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This is the second book in the series by Sara Shepard, the first being The Amateurs which I loved. I usually always prefer the first books over the sequels but I can definitely say this one is my favourite out of the two.

I loved how they already knew who they were looking for but it was still as hard to figure out as well as all the clues they got along the way that sent them on a wild goose chase. A part of me also loves the mystery behind the suspect as even when they came face to face with him, they had no clue it was him because of his disguises and well thought out plans.

I did think for a moment that they were going to figure everything out and catch the guy but the twists and turns really surprised me and the ending definitely left it open for a third book which I hope will eventually happen.

As well as all the drama, throughout the whole book and the end of the first one, I was begging for something to actually happen between two of the characters and it finally did right at the end. Although, if there is a third book, I doubt we’ll get any cute moments with the way this one ended.