What a great first novel - gripping stuff.

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The cover is rather good - a dangling old fashioned telephone handset dangling in front of a blood red fingerprint - what is going on? The opening chapter is of a family scene in Sweden, the children and grandchildren visiting the grandparents at home. Warm summer weather, greens, memories, then as the family leaves the grandmother receives a phone call on the out of date old phone - one word - "Geiger", and she is a "sleeper" - a dormant spy being reactivated who promptly executes her long term husband! From the gentle start, the tension builds and builds, then we move to an aggressive angry police woman and high speed chase of a low life customer of a prostitute, mixed in with a middle class high school graduation celebration. Tension still building! This book so captivated me that I lost all sense of time and place - throughly absorbing. This is highly gripping stuff for a first novel! Excellent.