A hilarious view into three generations worth of troubles

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From the first look of the cover I was intrigued - The UK and Irish version of the cover is bright yellow and corresponds well with the title: Good Eggs. It's very eye catching and that is what first drew me to this book.

The book follows three characters: Millie the grandmother, Kevin the step-son and Aideen, Kevin's unruly daughter.

The book opens with Millie musing about life and eventually shoplifting, it appears that she's got kleptomania. Kevin, an out of work house husband is called to get her from the police station and we get a glimpse into his troubles with life. He's got an unruly daughter Aideen who, like all teenagers, feels that people just don't get her.

Throughout the book we get pulled into their world. Hardiman's writing pulls us right in and I can hear the characters talking with an Irish accent, I love it.

I would call this book a dramedy, or perhaps a comedy of errors. Definitely recommend!