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The plot is very captivating and I love that I haven't even read the book yet but I know it's going to be so funny (comedy romances are my thing, If you didn't get that LOL). I was brought here by the cover (which is stunning, for the record). I would totally buy the book only by reading the plot if I saw it at the library, even if I don't know anything about the author. Also, I'm very curious to see which characters I will relate the most to! I'm now going to look for her previous work to see if there's anything similar, and if this her debut novel, that woman definitely knows what she's doing! The way that the characters are portrayed, their life, expectations and many other aspects that you can see just by reading the plot makes them very interesting and you can see that there was so much work put into it beforehand. So excited to give it a try and read it!