My type of book!

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What first captivated me about this book was its cover - a very eye-catchy front.

The book revolves around “three generations of a Dublin family, whose simmering tensions boil over when an American home aide enters the picture, becoming the calamitous force that will either make or break the hilarious Gogarty clan.”

What’s fun and makes it my type of book is that:
1. You get to put yourself into the shoes of three different characters: Aideen, Kevin and Millie whom are all a part of the Gogarty family.
2. It is a realistic narrative that can be crude at times but also funny too. It has an insightful look into family life and its ups and downs. The book is so amazingly written that at times I could truly resonate and feel the characters.
3. Very easy to follow and comprehend.

Ultimately I highly recommend Good Eggs! Especially if you are into books that explore family life.