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Intelligent women play the long game <3

This is a South Asian (set in Toronto) take on You've Got Mail and date I say I loved it more than Tom and Meg? Yeah, I'll say it. There's an element of deceit in You've Got Mail that hits a little differently if you watch it these days. Hana Khan doesn't have that.

I absolutely adored this. It gave me all the feels. I sobbed a few times, I felt genuinely happy, sadness and peace. I loved getting to know Hana and her family and her culture. I loved that this was set in "the West" so we could get a really important perspective on how her culture feels in their homes here in the west still to this day.

Such a lovely story wrapped up in a bright coloured cover which suits it perfectly.

I knew I was going to love this so I cashed in my saved points and it was worth every book review I've had to post to claim this and not risk getting it in the draw.