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The first in a new YA trilogy, Leah's Universe, this is the philosophical tale of one girl’s quest to understand her place in the universe.


My Life in the Universe

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14-year-old Leah loves wilderness survival books. In fact, sometimes she wishes she could escape into the wild. Then she could get away from the body image obsession at school and the bullies who pick on her little brother, Aiden. As long as she could still braid her hair, she could definitely survive without home comforts… and she could explore her passion for stargazing.

But alone in the woods one night, Leah’s life is transformed. She has the strangest sensation of gliding across the night sky, among millions of dazzling stars. This profound experience sparks a burning question in Leah that no one seems able to answer.

Desperate to broaden her horizons, Leah challenges herself to attend an international summer camp. Will the people she meets there, from her first love Sean, to formidable climate activist Kayleigh, help Leah find the answer to her question: what is Home?

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Mark Ballabon

Philosopher, environmentalist and author, Mark Ballabon has been teaching and writing about personal and spiritual development for over two decades. His previous titles include Why is the Human on Earth? and Courting the Future: Preparing for a Different World. Home is Mark’s debut fiction title for young adults and he has been visiting schools and universities with the manuscript, gaining real-time feedback from young people to help shape the story.

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Publisher Eminent Production
Genre Contemporary Fiction
Released on 22/04/22
Pages 240
ISBN 9780955948770
Price £9.99


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