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I was due to receive this as a free book before publication, but this did not happen. However, I did buy it and was a little disappointed. But I do not think my review should be given such weighting as others who enjoyed this book and for those who enjoy this genre.
This was a heartwarming book that I thought would give me the opportunity to widen my reading into different genres. It was a slow-building book and definitely got me thinking about what it means to belong and what it is like to be different and to be an outsider. From other reviews, it seems like many enjoyed this book, the characters and the style of writing but I think for me it was not what I am used to. I did like how it switched between Jo and Tessa throughout the book though, it had a nice flow to it.
The front cover is beautiful nonetheless and has a lovely feel to it. It feels peaceful and tranquil but also coveys that feeling of belonging very well I think.