Secrets, suspense, and a sea serpent...

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book, to the extent that I did the cliched classic and stayed up far too late reading as I didn't want to put it down.

I have seen it described as a slow-burn thriller, but honestly it was exactly the right pace for me. It allowed the characters to develop and I enjoyed both narrators and the 'notes on murder' which occasionally break up the chapters.

There were points where I was confident I understood the direction the story was going, but I was delighted to be proved wrong multiple times. There is even a delicious twist in the first few pages as the protagonist describes arriving on the island

Not knowing what would happen next and what the ultimate outcome would be kept me intrigued, and how everything falls into place and the ultimate resolution is surprising.

This was my first book by Lexie Elliott, but it will not be my last as I've already ordered 'The French Girl'.