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Almost gave up, but glad I didn't

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I really struggled with this book. It started fine, then dipped, and thankfully picked up again near the end. In the opening chapters Ria is a strong woman, holding together home and family while her husband is working abroad. She helps run a refuge for abused women and even runs counselling sessions for the abusers. All while fighting for funding, no wonder her nickname is Superwoman.
Then someone sends her a phone, on which she receives strange messages. Her advice to others would be to throw the phone away, report it to the police, or at least ignore the messages. But does she? No, she turns into this quivering jelly, afraid of everything. And even worse, gets into conversation with the messager. With this huge and frankly unbleiveable change of character I was about ready to throw in the towel and move on to another book in my to read pile, but I stuck with it.
There are also the "in between" chapters about Tanya, which I have to admit I skimmed over as they seemed to bear no relevance to the story. (Ok, I was wrong)
But I'm glad I persevered because the final few chapters are the best bit.