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An Unconventional Thriller that is Spreading Awareness

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Firstly, I would like to thank Readers First and NetGalley for gifting me an ARC for an honest review.

This book comes with a huge trigger warning surrounding domestic abuse. I think Ward handles the topic well and is providing insight into the lives of survivors and victims to educate readers and spread awareness. The story follows the MC Ria who helps run a refuge for women that finds herself being stalked by someone from her past.

I enjoyed the small chapters, titled, Tanya, throughout the book as it was a piece of the puzzle that we didn't truly understand until nearer the end of the book. It was a glimpse into the life of someone who is domestically abused that really zoomed into the reality of the lives that Ria was helping. I found that Ria was very well rounded. She wasn't just a woman being stalked. She was a wife, mother, daughter (superwoman) which made the story feel really well rounded.

This isn't a conventional thriller but I was definitely finding it harder to fall to sleep. Every noise in my house became 'someone' and I commend Ward for this sense of tension that seems to run throughout the book. I did guess one of the small twists that happened nearer the end. I was sickened by the abusers and my heart broke for the abused. A well written thriller that spreads awareness for those who are voiceless.