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Not bad

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This story focussed on Ria. She is the manager of a woman’s refuge and is used to being the person to save others. Now she is the one receiving texts from an unknown source and appears to have attracted the attentions of a stalker. Who is doing this and why? She may now be the one who needs saving...
I feel this is a good topic to shine a light on and it was handled sensitively by the author. Some parts were disturbing, and although emotionally hard to read, were all relevant to the story that was being told.

However, it was very much a slow burner for me. I wasn’t particularly thrilled or excited by it. It plodded along a bit and I didn’t find it particularly suspenseful. There was no real twist and I had guessed the ending by halfway through. I felt it ended quite suddenly. The underwhelming climax filling just the last 30 pages, as if it were rushed to contain itself to a word count.
Not one for me, but others may enjoy. As I said, the subject was certainly well handled and researched, so for that I do applaud the author.