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Unsettling and accurate

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This unsettling book is extremely accurate- Jacqueline Ward credits many people with helping her factually but she very obviously ‘gets it.’
If you have ever known anybody in an abusive situation, it is not an easy read, nor enjoyable- but Ms Ward carefully builds suspense and is sensitive with her material, not just using her characters to make a point. She also shows strong positive relationships and the importance of love & care between girlfriends, partners & family.
I liked Ria’s character, and could empathise with her indecision about what to do regarding her stalker- haven’t we all dismissed ourselves as not wanting to make a fuss? I also liked the style of the novel, gradually revealing through the two alternating chapters more of the back story.
If nothing else after reading this book, I really hope it makes you think about your local refuge & how a tiny amount of support can make a huge difference