Brilliant gossipy tale

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Beverly Franklin's life is crumbling big time.
Involved in the Glass lake school community and a good lifestyle.
Life is going swimmingly until the day she catches her daughter sending a nude selfie!
Then things start to unravel as the Bude recipient is the local bad boy.
That one photo has a Web of consequences in its wake for many members of glass lake.
But one thing is for certain its not darling, little Amelia's fault, it can't be.
There is a spot for her school on a local TV show and with that in the offing Beverly is determined nothing will besmirch Amelia's reputation and thwart her basking in Amelia's reflected glory.
This was such fun and though n at times very funny it so had a very serious side of the consequences of social media.
A tale very relevant for our times and an all round brilliant read.
Quirky and quite dark with rather black humour.