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This is a very entertaining novel which I enjoyed very much . I enjoyed the setting which takes place in a small village in Ireland where everyone knows everyone. From the start we know that a tragedy has taken place and the novel centres around this dreadful incident. For me the novel is about the various characters which we gradually get to know. Each character has issues of some sort and as we get to know them we know that everyone of them has something to hide. Most of the story is set in the local school where a play is in the process of being performed. We have Beverley who is the annoying mother who is the instigator of all the gossip and poor Arlo who is trying to get on with his life in a judgemental environment. Through this array of colourful characters is a really decent story which I found very intriguing and page turning. It also was very funny in parts especially Christine the journalist and the cat antics. I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend.