Showbiz whodunnit

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This book started off slowly and took sometime to get into, there was a lot of stuff at the beginning which didn't particularly add to the story, and quite a lot of characters that I found hard to link up. There is a lot in here about the darker side of acting and the route to fame, and for someone who is not living in this world it is all a bit foreign and hard to relate to. Once the story got going I did enjoy reading it, though, and then as I neared the end it became more gripping as I waited to see who had done the crime.

Lilly Thane is a struggling actress meets Adam a stage friend from the past, they then embark on a fake relationship in order to help Adam and also Lily hopes this will help her get on in the showbiz world. It is all a bit glitz and glamour and then the relationship turns bad as the other side of Adam starts to show. After a party Adam ends up dead in a swimming pool and Lilly knows all is not as it seems, she sets out to find out what really happened and in the process gets herself in danger too.