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I was kindly provided with an advanced copy for review. First of all, the cover is stunning, it's so beautiful and subtle, someone has done a really good job on that one.

Secondly, this book seemed to be exactly my sort of "light read". I love dogs. I live with three dogs. And I have at times wondered whether dog walking might not be a more relaxed career path.

I really enjoyed this book. It was interesting to follow the author's own journey into the dog walking business and the whole change of career. I thought that using dog names and stories for each chapter was a great idea. Some chapters were great, well written and you wanted to know what happened. Some others were a bit more "dry" and didn't flow as well. This means that at time I had to force myself to keep on reading and not skip a chapter, but I found that I could relate to a lot in the book and enjoyed it.