Lovely Look into Dog walking life

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Having just rescued a little puppy, I have become fully immersed in puppy life
The fabulous descriptions and stories of dogs and their owners were brilliant - some I laughed out loud at
It was lovely to follow Kate as she leaves her job at Sotheby's and goes about setting up her dog walking business, getting married and having children
I can't believe how some owners treat their dogs !!! Although I am a dog lover - they are dogs after all
I loved reading this story and was drawn in by the cover and the promise of a nice comfortable cozy read without any risk of thrill or suspense
I enjoyed the writing and the although I do not usually read non fiction stories, this felt more like a story than a non fiction book
I have not read any of this authors books before but would be happy to read any future books
This book inspires me to drop everything and set up a business!