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A compelling political thriller for fans of Robert Harris


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One man’s secret is another man’s weapon; and Loreticus, spymaster to an emperor, considers himself well armed.

Secrets are Loreticus’ business; spies and sources his colleagues. But when the new emperor goes missing, he suddenly finds himself isolated and uncertain who to trust. His search for the young emperor reveals an underworld of coups, assassinations, ambition and infidelity that make him doubt how much he ever really knew about the power behind the throne.

As he struggles to deliver the young emperor safely and reunite the country, he finds himself torn between his old-fashioned principles and a new political reality.

In Loreticus, J.B. Lucas has created a remarkable historical world that has parallels in both ancient Rome and modern diplomacy.

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J.B. Lucas

J.B. Lucas has lived and studied in eight different countries so far. Passionate about high politics, he studied the inner workings of the European Union as an undergrad with a view to eventually working in the arena of international border disputes. His career has taken a different route, but he is now writing about the obsession that has captivated him his entire life – the tectonic movements of states.
He now resides in the darkest depths of leafy West London, where he writes using the inspiration of the India–Pakistan split, the founding of Israel, the identity crisis of Brexit and the maelstrom within the EU.

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Publisher Type & Tell
Genre Historical fiction
Released on 24/08/17
Pages 250
ISBN 9781787450257
Price £7.99


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