Amazing, just loved Lucy and her story

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Lucy is struggling, her life is now vastly different to what it used to be.
Pre marriage and children she had choices, was able to travel, she was able to pursue her career as a cellist.
She was HER, now she has little for herself as each day she just caves to the demands of family pressure.
She is a woman on the edge, her marriage is in meltdown, her career is in tatters and she secretly suspects that her eldest son is autistic.
Extraordinary, talented in his own way her little Stan is struggling to cope in an overwhelming world and she has to step up to the plate and be strong for herself, her son and her family.
A very touching, moving and intimate portrayal of a mother coming to terms with an Autism diagosis and its impact on life and the family dynamic.
Wonderfully written with a wealth of knowledge on the subject of being an autistic mam which makes it a very relatable read to mothers in a similar position.