Humerous saga of a serious and delicate subject.

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The bright, apposite and fun cover invites you to look closer into this book. It is a great book for many women who will intimately relate to it. Katy Cox writes very well - perfectly portraying the tensions and traumas of mums who have to balance child rearing - and with autistic children that is far from easy - with a precarious job (cello player) and the constant energy needed to get through the day without binge eating / drinking and thus further delaying any return of her body to her desired weight. All the time she is also trying to hold a marriage together. Her husband is also a "jobbing" musician and this takes him away from home for random intervals, just when she needs help and support at home.It is highly entertaining, but will appeal mostly to women. I doubt whether it will appeal to many men.
In her "acknowledgements " Katy states that, thanks are due to Jessica Feaver who made her remove "the MANY passages that were just too crude for the public eye". Thank goodness that she did. There is quite enough "crudity" as it is. I'm not sure if it is necessary or adds to the impact of what would be much more of a masterpiece with more subtlety. The story is very urban / London biased, which slants the story a bit and detracts from the sympathy that the reader would otherwise have. A good subject, good story, disappointingly told.